Help us celebrate our teams’ incredible creativity!
Help make our tournaments the most exciting celebrations of creativity possible!
We appreciate any time you can give!

Being an Appraiser

Appraisers play an extremely crucial role in the Creative Process for all our team members.

It might seem like a small task, but your feedback will have lasting benefits well beyond a tournament.

Appraising is also a ton of fun.  It’s incredible how much there is to learn from our innovative kids and you leave the tournament energized by their creativity.  Plus, the fun isn’t all for the kids – our tournaments are a fantastic place to showcase your goofy side!

But don’t worry — we host an Appraiser Training prior to the Tournament where we will show you exactly what you will be doing.

Being a Non-Scoring Appraiser

DI is for all types of people.

Therefore, not every Appraiser role requires providing feedback to teams, or even interacting directly with them.


These wonderful people talk to each team, then get the audience excited for their performance.  You get to be around the amazing kids and watch them perform, but do not provide scores for them!

Check-In or Prep Area Appraisers

These important individuals meet with teams as they arrive to perform and help make sure everything is ready to go at their Presentation time.  As a Check-In or Prep Area Appraiser, you get to interact with the teams and talk with them about their Presentation and see up close what they’ve done.


Do you prefer a quieter atmosphere? Does efficiency make you happy?  Then maybe the Scoreroom is for you! You will have a blast with a team of similarly-minded people while processing scores on computers.  The Scoreroom is located away from the craziness of the tournament, but filled with incredible volunteers who work together to keep the event running smoothly.

Non-Scoring Appraiser roles are extremely crucial and do require attending our Appraiser Training.  This way, you know exactly what you’ll be doing at the Tournament and will feel equipped and ready for tournament day!

Being a Support Volunteer

Support Volunteers are amazing people who give two hours or so to help out in one of several crucial tournament roles.
  • Run scores to and from the Scoreroom
  • Sell concessions or souvenirs
  • Answer questions at the information desk
  • Keep performances distraction-free as a doorkeeper
  • Take photos of the event
  • … or much, much more!
If you don’t have the time to attend Appraiser Training but still want to help, then this is the role for you!
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