Schedule Overview

March 14, 2020

We are ready to greet and meet your team for an amazing tournament day! 

We invite you to read carefully all the following information so that your Destination into Imagination this year will be a successful trip.


8:00 AM - 9:00 AM


Auditorium Lobby

9:00 AM - 2:20 PM


Various Sites

2:20 PM - 3:00 PM


3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Closing Celebration


For individual teams' Presentation Times, please refer to the Detailed Schedule.

Tournament Site

Bob Jones High School

650 Hughes Road
Madison, AL 35758

The Tournament Entrance is at the auditorium lobby entrance at the back of the school (southwest corner). The easiest way to access the entrance and competition venues is via the south parking lot, which is entered via Hughes Road near the “guard shack."


Important Files

Detailed Tournament Schedule

See each team's Team and Instant Challenge Presentation times for all competition events for the day.

Tournament Map

See the layout of the Tournament Site and the various tournament sites.

Instant Challenge Promise

Your team should fill this out and turn it in at Instant Challenge Check-In

DIAL_North 2015_2.jpg


8:00am - 9:00am  |  Auditorium Lobby

Team Managers should begin their tournament day by going to the Registration Table in the auditorium lobby. As the registration area easily becomes congested and can keep the team from being registered on time, please do not bring your team with you to the Registration Table. If your team’s Team Challenge performance is the first thing of the day, team members and helpers can begin the unloading of props. If your team’s Instant Challenge is scheduled first, the team members can simply get oriented around the school or can start getting mentally prepped for Instant Challenge while registration is being completed. Please make prior arrangements with everyone attending with your team to join you at another location on campus to gather your team and get the most up-to-date information for your tournament day!

DIAL_North 2015_14.jpg

Props and Sets - Unloading & Loading

7:15 AM - 12:30 PM

Please refer to the Tournament map for information about prop unloading areas for each challenge. Props should not be brought in through the auditorium lobby entrance.

There are easy-to-access entrances near the gyms, auditorium, and chorus room. You can bring your props inside and then take them to the Prop Storage area near your challenge venue. Please move vehicles to the south parking lot after all props are unloaded.

Because props will be stored in hallways and will require that someone be with them in order to ensure that they were not inadvertently damaged, we do not recommend unloading props more than 2 hours ahead of your team’s scheduled Performance Time.

Once your team’s Performance is done, please be prepared to re-load them into the cars soon after so that other teams can unload their props/scenery. There simply isn’t room for everyone’s props in the Prop Storage areas at once.

DIAL_North 2015_21.jpg

Competition Sites

Be sure to arrive at your site's Prep Area 20 minutes before your Presentation Time.

For Instant Challenge, check-in 15 minutes before your scheduled IC time.

Note about doors: While the doorways into some sites could be double doors, sometimes there are divider bars or exit doors that limit the door opening size. Teams should be prepared to fit their props/scenery/etc. through a single door.



The Big Fix

  • Main Gymnasium

  • Prep Area: Gym Lobby (South End)

Fine Arts

Picture This

  • Small Gym

  • Prep Area: Gym Lobby (North End)


First Encounter

  • Chorus Room

  • Prep Area: Backstage Hallway (Behind Auditorium)


To The Rescue

  • Auditorium

  • Prep Area: Backstage Hallway (Behind Auditorium)


In The Cards

  • Main Gymnasium

  • Prep Area: Gym Lobby (South End)


It's About Time

  • Chorus Room

  • Prep Area: Backstage Hallway (Behind Auditorium)

Instant Challenge

  • C Wing

  • Check-In: Near Elevator in C Wing

Free Time

Enjoy the most of your day!

After your team completes all aspects of their competition or during breaks between Challenges, we invite them to enjoy the day and support other teams!

Tournament programs (including maps and complete schedule) will be available at the Registration Table. There will be volunteers familiar with the building and with DI at this table throughout the day to answer general questions and contact the Tournament Director if needed. If you need first aid assistance, we will have basic first aid supplies available at the Information table.

If you, your team, or your guests are looking for a place to sit and gather, the Cafeteria is going to be open and available all day for teams and guests and, if the weather permits, the courtyard areas will also be a great place to enjoy some “letting off steam” time!


8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Stop by our Souvenir Sales table to get some goodies and support our program! Located conveniently in the Auditorium Lobby, there's something for all ages there - shirts, pins, toys, and more!


8:30 AM - 2:00 PM  |  Cafeteria

Bob Jones DI is offering concessions for sale in the cafeteria. Stop by and grab a quick something to satisfy any sudden hunger or thirst!

Bob Jones DI will sell lunch items for $1.50 each: pizza slices, Chik-Fil-A sandwiches, hot dogs, nachos. (Thanks in advance for supporting our hosts!)

Other Food Options

Take a quick trip

If your team has time and wishes to go off-campus for lunch, there are several restaurants near the school that you can get to easily: Lawler’s BBQ, Subway, Burger King (Hughes road south of BJHS), Kobe Sushi, Arby’s, Gyro 21 (Hughes Road north of BJHS).

Pi Day Halftime Activities

2:20pm - 3:30pm | Various Locations

Celebrate Pi Day and DI Day all at the same time! Our DI tourney just so happens to fall on Pi Day so we will be celebrating all things 3.14. We will have a Pi(e) eating contest and play some Pi games and then top it off with a Tik Tok dance party. And be on the lookout for Pi Day facts and trivia around the school.



Team Managers: Approximately 30 min after your team finishes their Team Challenge performance, your team's raw scores should be available to pick up at your performance site.  In order to pick these up, the Challenge Master can meet with, and ONLY with, one team member and one Team Manager.  The Challenge Master will review the scores with these two individuals and then hand the scores to them.  At that point, the Team Manager and team member can take the scores back to their team to look them over as a group.  We suggest you find a place where your team can be alone to talk about how they did. Of course, your team will have a great time reading all the sticky notes and building on your successes for next time!

Only scores for your Team Challenge are given out.  All Instant Challenge scores are kept confidential until final scores are posted.

All final scores (including Instant Challenge and scaled Team Challenge scores) will be posted in the gym and auditorium lobbies immediately after the Awards Ceremony - please bring paper and pencil to copy scores, or take a picture with your phone – do NOT take scores off the wall! We will also try to post scores online within 24 hours!

(For more detailed information about how scoring works in Destination Imagination, please see the Rules of the Road.)


Team managers, please review the procedures for Appeals in the event you are unsure about your Team Challenge scores. The Challenge Master for each Challenge will be at our Tournament to help interpret scores and explain them fully.


A Few Reminders

We want you to have a successful day!



Be sure to have all paperwork ready and enough copies of each:

Tournament Data Form

(6 copies)

Instant Challenge Promise

(1 copy)

Click to Download

Declaration of Independence

(2 copies)

Expense Report

(All Challenges except Improv - 1 copy)

Copy machines are not available at the Tournament Site.

Rules Check

Read over the Rules of the Road once more to make sure your team has followed all the rules, especially those regarding the Expense Report, Safety, and Interference.