Get Involved

Destination Imagination is fueled by the time and energies of thousands of amazing volunteers.
DI Volunteers Worldwide
Now you can join the more than 38,000 volunteers who give their efforts to make Destination Imagination possible.

DI Alabama is always excited to find people who want to join us for our creative adventure. There are many, many ways to get involved with us.  Read about all our volunteer opportunities and see what sounds fun!

Start a Team

Make a lasting impact on a team of young people by being their Team Manager or Coordinator!  Start a Team of your own at your school, church, etc.  You will have so much fun watching the kids embrace their creativity and imagination!


Help at Tournaments

Whether you have all day, half a day or only a couple hours to donate your time on tournament day we have a place for you to volunteer!

Year-round Activities

Our teams work all season long on their solutions, and we are here to support them!  If you would like to lend a helping hand, we will be extremely appreciative.  Sign up today!