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State Tournament

April 15 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Congratulations on earning your way to the State Tournament! The DI Alabama staff is ready to have you join us at the State Tournament on April 15. We invite you to read carefully all the following information so that you can have the most successful day possible. Please join us in urging each of our team members to have a great and safe day while always remembering to show consideration and respect for the facilities and campus of The Univeristy of Alabama in Huntsville.
Team Registration 7:45 AM-9:30 AM
Competition 8:20 AM-2:20 PM
BREAK 2:30 PM-3:30 PM
Parade of Teams  3:45 PM
Start lining up at 3:30 PM
Awards Ceremony 4:00 PM-4:15 PM

Detailed Schedule

Download the detailed schedule for the tournament below.  This lists each team’s Team Challenge (TC) and Instant Challenge (IC) Presentation times.

Last updated: 4-6-2017


The University of Alabama in Huntsville
1410 Ben Graves Drive
Huntsville, AL 35899

Check in at the Registration Table in the lobby of the Conference Training Center building. Parking is available right off Ben Graves Drive, right in front of the building.


Team Managers should begin their tournament day by going to the Registration Table in the Conference Training Center lobby. As the registration area easily becomes congested and can keep the team from being registered on time, please do not bring your team with you to the Registration Table. If your team’s Team Challenge performance is the first thing of the day, team members and helpers can begin the unloading of props. If your team’s Instant Challenge is scheduled first, the team members can simply get oriented around the campus or can start getting mentally prepped for Instant Challenge while registration is being completed. Please make prior arrangements with everyone attending with your team to join you at another location on campus to gather your team and get the most up-to-date information for your tournament day!


Please refer to the UAH campus map for information about prop unloading areas for each challenge. We recommend that you scout out the unloading and parking areas near your team’s performance venue so you know the best way to unload and find your way to the Prop Storage area. Please move vehicles to a parking lot after all props are unloaded. UAH campus police will be enforcing parking regulations throughout the day and no vehicles should be parked in loading zones or along curbs. ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME TO UNLOAD/LOAD! Because props will be stored in hallways and will require that someone be with them in order to ensure that they were not inadvertently damaged, we do not recommend unloading props more than 2 hours ahead of your team’s scheduled Performance Time. Once your team’s Performance is over, please be prepared to re-load them into the cars soon after so that other teams can unload their props/scenery. There simply isn’t room for everyone’s props in the Prop Storage areas at once.


Challenge Presentation Site Prep Area
Show and Tech
Conference Training Center
Exhibit Hall A
Hallway outside Exhibit Hall
Top Secret
Shelby Center
Room 105
Hallway outside Room 105
Fine Arts
Conference Training Center
Exhibit Hall B
Hallway outside Exhibit Hall
Business Administration Building
Chan Auditorium
Hallway outside auditorium
In It Together
Conference Training Center
Exhibit Hall B
Hallway outside Exhibit Hall
Ready, Willing, and Fable
Service Learning / projectOUTREACH®
Conference Training Center
Exhibit Hall A
In hallway outside Exhibit Hall
Instant Challenge* Business Administration Building
2nd Floor Classrooms
At entrance to classroom hallway
*Only the team members (and, optionally, one Team Manager) will be allowed to go into the Instant Challenge site.

Tournament Map

Download our Tournament Map for quick and easy reference.

Note about doors: While the doorways into some sites could be double doors, sometimes there are divider bars or exit doors that limit the door opening size. Teams should be prepared to fit their props/scenery/etc. through a single door.


Your team should report to their Team Challenge site no later than 20 minutes prior to its scheduled performance time.  On the detailed Tournament Schedule we’ve listed the Prep Area times for your team.  The Prep Area is where most paperwork will be turned in.  The Prep Area Appraiser will talk with the team and get them prepared to enter the Performance site.
The Prep Area is not the appropriate place for last-minute repairs, etc.  Once at the Prep Area, the team should give their attention to the Prep Area Appraiser so they can get your team ready to go for their performance time.


On the schedule is a time that your team should Check-In at the Instant Challenge Check-In Table.  Please have your team there and present on time so we can keep the schedule moving. Be sure to have a copy of your team’s Instant Challenge Promise ready to hand in at the Instant Challenge Check-In.  The Instant Challenge portion of the competition is not open to the public – only the team and ONE Team Manager will be taken back to the Instant Challenge Room.  The hallway beyond the Instant Challenge Check-In table is off limits to everyone else.


After your team completes all aspects of their competition or during breaks between Challenges, we invite them to enjoy the day and support other teams!

Tournament programs (including maps and complete schedule) will be available at the Registration Table. There will be volunteers familiar with the campus and with DI at this table throughout the day to answer general questions and contact the Tournament Director if needed. If you need first aid assistance, we will have basic first aid supplies available at the Information table.

If you, your team, or your guests are looking for a place to gather, the lawn of the CTC will have activities for teams (and shaved ice, weather permitting) from about 10:30-3:00.

SOUVENIRS Located in the lobby of the Conference Training Center

Visit the Cafeteria to pick up DI t-shirts, hats, pins, tattoos, and much, much more – check it out!!

Business Administration Building & Outside the Conference Training Center

SNACKS: Bob Jones DI is offering concessions for sale in the Business Administration Building and on the lawn of the CTC. Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee from 8:30 AM until they are gone; water, soda, and snacks from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Stop by and grab a quick something to satisfy any sudden hunger or thirst, all the while supporting DI!

LUNCH: There are several options for lunch:

  • Lunch: Bob Jones DI will sell lunch items for $1.50 each: pizza slices, hot dogs, nachos. Unfortunately, we will not have hot dogs or nachos this year.  Pizza will still be available during the lunch time.
  • Off-Site: If your team has time and wishes to go off-campus for lunch, there are several restaurants near UAH that are fairly easily accessible via University Drive.


Team Managers: Approximately 30 min after your team finishes their Team Challenge performance, your team’s raw scores should be available to pick up at your performance site.  In order to pick these up, the Challenge Master can meet with, and ONLY with, one team member and one Team Manager.  The Challenge Master will review the scores with these two individuals and then hand the scores to them.  At that point, the Team Manager and team member can take the scores back to their team to look them over as a group.  We suggest you find a place where your team can be alone to talk about how they did. Of course, your team will have a great time reading all the sticky notes and building on your successes for next time!

All final scores (including Instant Challenge and scaled Team Challenge scores) will be posted in the gym and auditorium lobbies immediately after the Awards Ceremony – please bring paper and pencil to copy scores, or take a picture with your phone – do NOT take scores off the wall! We will also try to post scores online within 24 hours!

(For more detailed information about how scoring works in Destination Imagination, please see pages 35-40 of the Rules of the Road.)


Team managers – please review the procedures for Appeals in the event you are unsure about your Challenge scores. The Challenge Master of each challenge will be at our Tournament to help interpret scores and explain them fully.

HALFTIME2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

After a big day of activity, take some time to hang out with your team and celebrate all you’ve accomplished. Don’t forget to make a last trip to souvenir sales to get a shirt or some pins!

If you and/or your team members leave campus, please make sure that everyone is in the Spragins Hall Gymnasium by 3:30 PM to line up for the Parade of Teams.


Make an entrance into the Awards Ceremony! Each of our teams get a moment to shine as they enter the room filled with family, friends, volunteers, and other teams. A local DJ will be keeping the energy up, so be ready to dance and celebrate. You’ve earned it!

Teams should meet outside Spragins Hall Gymnasium at 3:30 PM to start lining up for the parade.


If you and/or your team members leave campus, please make sure that everyone is in the Spragins Hall Gymnasium by 4:00 PM for a great time celebrating all the work teams have put into this DI season!

As a final reminder:

  • Be SURE to have all paperwork ready and COPIED — copy machines are not available at The University of Alabama in Huntsville!
  • Read over the Rules of the Road once more to make sure your team has followed all the rules, especially those regarding the Expense Report, Safety, and Interference.

We are excited to welcome everyone for this great DI adventure.

We’ll be ready; we hope you will be too.

The Destination is always Imagination for Creative Adventurers!


April 15
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Joseph Banks


University of Alabama in Huntsville
1601 Ben Graves Dr NW
Huntsville, AL 35899 United States
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