Calling all you TEE-riffic and PIN-credible designers and creators out there!  We know you all have great ideas, so we want your help to come up with the 2017 DI Alabama Shirt and Pin designs.

What kind of DI shirt would you love to wear?  What kind of pin would you love to trade at Global Finals? Get together with your team and start generating ideas today!  You have one month to send us your ideas.

Full rules and details are below, or you can download the contest in the form of an Instant Challenge!

Submission Deadline: January 9th at 11:59pm – Deadline has past and submissions are now closed.

Design Information

  • Teams can submit designs at any degree of completion, from simple sketch to fully fleshed-out design.
  • While written descriptions of designs are welcome, all submissions must include at least a visual sketch of the idea.
  • Designs will be considered for the creativity of the ideas, not for the artistic skill used.
  • Designs with themes related to the state of Alabama, DI, and/or creativity in general are more likely to be chosen.
  • Designs including our traditional “phone” or “DIAL” themes are welcome, but not required.
  • Be original!  We’re looking for truly creative and original designs, so don’t copy something you’ve seen elsewhere. You are awesome and can create something special all on your own!
  • Remember: Pins are traded to teams from all over the world at Global Finals. Successful pin designs will be interesting to all teams, not just the ones in our state.

Contest Rules

  • All designs must be submitted via the form below by 11:59pm on
 January 9, 2017. The file formats supported for submission are JPG, PNG, PDF, PSD, AI, and EPS. Files must be less than 10MB in size.
  • Each team can submit up to 7 shirt or pin designs.
  • Teams and individuals are prohibited from infringing on a person’s or company’s intellectual property. Do not use copyrighted characters or properties.
  • DI Alabama reserves the right to choose a design which best serves the organization, whether or not the design is submitted by a team.
  • Regardless of the artistic quality of the submissions, all chosen designs will be adjusted or recreated by a professional artist for use on the final products.
  • By submitting a design, you grant DI Alabama the perpetual right to use your design on products that will be on sale at our Tournaments and via our website.


  • If a design from your team is chosen for the shirt design, each member of your team will receive one free shirt.
  • If a design from your team is chosen for the pin design, each member of your team will receive one pin of the design.  If the design is a set, each team member will receive one full set of pins.

Submit Your Design

Submissions will close on January 9 at 11:59pm.

Submissions are now closed.  Thanks to everyone who sent in a design!

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