What is Destination Imagination?

An incredible, yearly adventure where kids come together to discover their creativity while solving exciting Challenges.

It’s all about teamwork

Groups of 2-7 kids team up to solve Challenges.

Team members learn how to have ideas together, select the best ideas as a group, and then put their ideas into action.

Teams choose a Team Challenge to Solve

Each year, Destination Imagination releases seven, brand-new Challenges covering a wide variety of topics.
  • Technical
  • Scientific
  • Fine Arts
  • Improvisation
  • Engineering
  • Service Learning
  • Early Learning
The team is in charge of their solution! Parents, teachers, or any non-team members cannot give the team ideas.

Instant Challenges showcase quick thinking

These surprising Challenges give teams about 5-7 minutes to come up with and present a solution.

These Challenges could consist of crafting a performance to tell a story, completing a task like building a structure that holds weight, or anything in-between.

Celebrate at Tournaments

Teams come together to share their creative accomplishments with each other.

Each team presents their Team Challenge solution to an audience and Appraisers.

Teams are also given an Instant Challenge to solve that they’ve never seen before.

Team Challenge and Instant Challenge scores are combined to award the most creative teams.

Want to Get Involved?

It’s really easy to get started in Destination Imagination and there are many different ways to join the adventure.  From starting teams to volunteering, we can find a way to connect your creativity with ours.
DI Alabama is operated by Alabama Creative Adventures, a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer-led organization.